Another activity held in Romania will be the European competition, with over 300 participants. Every partner organisation will send over 4 young people and 1 group leader.

On the first day, there will be a marathon in Targu Jiu, nearby the sculptures of Brancusi. The runners will also get to know some of the local cultural monuments, which will only help with social inclusion and preventing radicalisation. There will be multiple routes with different lengths, accommodate every participant.

On the second day, there will be a cycling competition in Targu Jiu, with various routes of various lengths, to accommodate every participant.

On the third day, the participants will compete in a traditional sport – oina.

During all 3 days, the competitions will be organised on age categories, ensuring the participation of both children and elderly people, which will help promote social inclusion for as many and various citizens as possible.

In the partner countries, the partners will also hold sports competitions which last for 3 days, including one traditional sport.