CŠOD is governmental institution which carries out out-of -school classes and other outdoor programs. It isthe most significant organisation that carries out outdoor education in Slovenia. It is a partof the Ministry of Education that provides the funding for its functioning. CŠOD currently comprises 24 residential centres and several day programs that are scattered throughout Slovenia. The facilities of CŠOD are used by pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. They are also used by faculties and other organized groups especially during weekends and holidays. The main purpose of the CŠOD is to educate in the outdoors using specific methods, by which objectives stated in the school curricula can be met. Find our more information here.

Champions Factory is an international sports organisation with 8 years of experience in the fields of development and implementation of national and international sports projects, sports management, research and innovation. The organisation is established and with headquarters in Sofia (Bulgaria), as it has offices in Dublin (Ireland) and London (United Kingdom).

Champions Factory works in the following fields:

– International Network “Learning through sport” – Champions Factory develops, tests and spreads the “learning through sport” methodology, which builds-up leadership skills in youth and promotes the values of sport (fairness, team building, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect).

– Young people and youth workers – through innovative educational and sports methodologies they develop and empower young people to be active citizens and to reach their potential to full capacity on national and international level. They have involved more than 1600 youth from disadvantaged areas and NEETs in different sports courses and initiatives, as well as more than 480 youth in international sport exchanges, courses, seminars, meetings, etc.

– “Champions Academy” – private program for young people to develop their leadership and communication skills, knowledge and competencies through sports and non-formal education.

– Vocational education and training – Champions Factory runs the biggest vocational education and training consortium among sports schools in Bulgaria, as they have 5 sport schools members.

– Adult learners – Champions Factory provides teaching and training courses for staff of adult education organizations in areas as sport management, sport as a tool for social development and research and innovations in the field of sports.

– Developing Mountain Biking in Bulgaria and Europe and managing Champions Factory Bike Park “Rilla Lakes. Find out more here.

Odred izvivaca pomoraca Posejdon from Split has over 150 members registered, including children and young people who conduct a full Scout curriculum throughout the year. OIP Posejdon operates in the city of Split, Solin and Dugopolje . Children and young are lead by licensed scout leaders under the supervision of a mentor . The program is implemented through workshops ( 300 per year ), trips ( up to 5 per year ) , a three-day stay in nature ( up to four per year ) , winter vacations and camping. Aim is the education of children and youth outside of institutions, mainly through outdoor education and sport activities.

In its work during the last years , OIP Posejdon carried out 300 workshops ( scout skills , spirituality , sports and culture , prevention of risky behaviors ) , 6 bivouacs with over 150 participants in total ( Kreševo, Brocanci , Mimica and Bistra) , nine trips with over 300 participants ( Mosor , Kozjak Brocanac , Vranjaca ) wintering in Skomarje with over 50 participants , wintering in Heroltice with over 50 participants, camping out on lake Buško with over 70 members .

The association have carried out initiative ” Sun and Wind ” through Croatian National Foundation , which was aimed at making a sundial and wind rose in the parking lot of Queen Helen Elementary School in Solin . Teachers and students use it now for teaching purposes and games .

OIP Posejdon is very active in the daily life of the community and promotes an active way of life, healthy eating and sports . We conduct several cleaning actions during the year to lighten up the environment in which we live ( Mertojak , Žrnovnica , Marjan , Jadro , Solin ). We take part in the cultural festivities of the city of Split and Solin. Furthermore, we have exceptional cooperation with the association Cassiopeia ( fieldwork , schools in nature ) , the Red Cross – Solin ( collecting clothing , voluntarily giving blood, eating healthy etc.). Read more information here.

AYUNTAMIENTO DE MARACENA the City Council is the Local Authority of Maracena’s Township. This town is one of the most important cities in the metropolitan area of Granada (Andalusia / Spain). It has a population of 23,000, of which about 5,000 are youngsters. The City has a centre intended to provide specific services to the youth population. It’s called Youth Centre, a socio-educational institution working to address many of the needs of the youth group and power, in a very dynamic way (especially through activities and for leisure time), the participation and information-training to young people, while preventing harmful habits.  At the same time, it has a specialized service on equality known as The Municipal Centre for Women.

Regarding our scope, we can speak of some priority areas, with a ludic-educational and dynamic methodology and, based primarily on activities for/to leisure time and the participation and information-education of boys and girls:

  1. Leisure and Education: Values education courses, nutrition, camping, hiking, etc.
  2. Associations and participation: promote partnership and participation. We have a strong youth associations with a local youth council extensively involved in the design of local policies.
  3. Europe: – We are Eurodesk point and Accredited European Volunteering Service.

We can highlight several coordinated actions between the Department of Equality and Youth :

– Meetings for Equality (children, youngsters and families) in the Nature Classroom of Bérchules (Granada).

– Summer Camps – University of fathers and mothers – Music and image contest against gender violence on 25th of November.

– Violence prevention program in the schools of Maracena.

– Responsibility workshops in the Equality Centre.

The City Council have experience working in Youth and Equality since 1992 and have a multidisciplinary

team of professionals who have extensive training, which also includes training to work in European projects.

The team working on the Youth Centre consists of a Director (teacher and toy librarian) and three full- time educators who development the activities and programs. In addition, it also count with eight part-time tutors working in various workshops: language, dance, tutoring, photography, painting, music, …

The staff is fully trained in working with the youth, and with an extensive professional experience. More informations you can find here.