The training will be held in Targu Jiu and will be organised by Scout Society Association. The participants will be 5 people from each partner organisation: Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania. They will be either youth workers or active young people from the local community, who have experience in the sports field, preventing discrimination, promoting tolerance, social inclusion and equal opportunities. The aim of the training is to promote sports in the local communities through activities held for young people and to underline the benefits that sports has on the development of a community. The duration of the training is 7 days.

On the first day, the participants will be offered information on the project, the aim and objectives. They will get to know each other, exchange good practices, share past experience with sport activities they have taken part in.

On the second day, there will be 2 guests from the sports field who will speak about a brief history of the sport they are practicing, its characteristics and unique aspects. Afterwards, the participants will get to play a certain sport.

On the third day, there will be a nutritionist as a guest, who will present a few things about eating healthy and the correct diet of an athlete. In the second part of this day, the participants will study European sports documentation and come up with an appropriate plan to apply in their local communities in order to promote sports, social inclusion and equality through sport.

On the fourth and fifth day, the participants will elaborate a plan of action which includes various activities in the sports field, which will be applied in every country. They will come up with various activities to encourage social inclusion, equal opportunities, promoting a collaboration between sports representatives in order to encourage sport education in each local community.

On the sixth day, in the morning, there will be a debate about practicing sports in a community. The participants will be split into teams and they will come up with arguments, for and against, regarding various sports and their benefits. On the second part of the day, the participants will take part in a simulation of a traditional game from one of the countries. This is essential for understanding the necessity of promoting traditional sports and ensuring that they are not left behind and forgotten, since they are part of the cultural heritage of the local community.

On the seventh day, the participants will take part in sports promoting activities in the local community where the training will be held. They will split up in teams and visit high schools, the local library, on the street, visit other non-profit organisations and so on to talk about the benefits of sport on health and society.